Hello, and welcome to a different kind of blog! This blog will show the results from a game called Telephone Pictionary.

What is Telephone Pictionary, you ask? Well, it's a fairly simple game and can be played just about anywhere by anyone. All you need is a group of people, stacks of index cards or scraps of paper, some pens or pencils, and a little bit of imagination.

The way the game is played is thus:

1. You hand out stacks of cards/paper, with pieces equal to the number of players.

2. Everyone numbers their stack in the upper corner of the cards/paper 1 through however many you have.

3. Each person thinks up a phrase of some kind. It can be anything - movie quotes, song lyrics, something from a book, or something you just make up on the spot. {Example - The lawn gnomes are coming.} This is written on card number 1.

4. Each person passes their entire stack of cards/paper to the right or left, depending on which way you decide to pass. We usually start by going clockwise, and then switch up for the next round.

5. Each person looks at the phrase they've been given and then draws a picture for that phrase on the next blank card.

6. When everyone is ready, the stacks are passed again, and the next person looks at the picture and then on the next blank card, writes a phrase to correspond with the picture.

7. Play continues in this manner until each person has their original stack back.

8. Everyone looks through their stack, generally laughs hysterically, and then everyone shares.

You will hear a lot of 'What the heck?!' or 'I'm so sorry.' playing this game. Trust me. You will also have tons of fun, which is why I have decided to share our games.

I hope you enjoy this and that it gives you a laugh or two for your day!

I will be updating the blog most likely on Fridays, and when I run out of the cards that I have, I will do it as I have new cards to share.